Professional Color Grading Tips

Improve your Colour Grading – Professional Tips

Steve Hullfish gave this half hour presentation to the Editors Lounge on how to get the best out of your edit with simple but effective colour correction techniques. Steve introduces how to use a waveform monitor and curve controls and walks through some fundamental grading techniques like how to balance an image. This is a great video to watch if you’re beginning to get into colour correction and want to know how to use waveforms, RGB parades and vectorscopes correctly.

If you enjoyed Steve’s teaching style he also has a book: The Art & Technique of Color Correction which you can buy on Amazon (US/UK)

Walk through of a TV Commercial Grade

Warren Eagles from the ICA recently posted this walk through of a TV commercial that he graded and how changing the grade throughout the spot helps to shape the story. Well worth a watch. If you like Warren’s teaching style then he has a course on color grading with DaVinci Resolve on ($199)

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