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So I’ve not had time this week to put together some gargantuan write up of resources or a detailed product review or something fun I’ve found online.

But I have been updating a good few posts on the site recently so I thought I’d highlight them here:

Updated Post – The Making of Blade Runner 2049

First and foremost I’m super excited about the imminent release of Blade Runner 2049 on the 4th/5th/6th of October (depending on where you live).

This video of Ridley Scott breaking down some of technical filmmaking details from the original film is a real treat. This is just one of the updates on the growing Making Of post here.

On the post you can now check out several trailers, making of documentaries, video essays and even instructions on creating the iconic origami unicorn plus a whole lot more.

Although I was disappointed to read this week that Jóhann Jóhannsson is now no longer connected to the film’s soundtrack in anyway, as I was a big fan of his soundtrack for Sicario and Arrival.

Earlier in the year this was a statement director Denis Villeneuve gave on why Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch were joining the team:

Villeneuve says that Jóhannsson isn’t leaving the project, but that the two composers are coming on to help. “It’s hard to get to Vangelis’ angle. We have Johann’s breathtaking atmospheric sounds, but I needed other things, and Hans helped us.”

Only time will tell how the score has worked out. The trailers have sounded pretty good to me so far, and I’m (mistakenly?) assuming these might feature work from Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Updated Post – How To Edit Film Trailers

The post I put together on How To Edit Film Trailers, featuring a rundown of the free Film Editing Pro’s trailer editing mini-course, which gives you a 45 minute taster of their full course, has proven pretty popular.

If you’ve not check it out yet, sign up to their email list to get the 3-part video tutorials sent to your inbox.

I also noticed an editor online who had taken the full Film Editing Pro trailer course and if you check out the Twitter thread above you can read a little more about it.

How to edit film Trailers

The rest of the post includes tools and tips on cutting trailers and sizzle reels, as well as a growing list of decent sound effects that trailer editors might find useful.

This part of the post was recently updated to include a new download from Premiumbeat.com, featuring 29 free Sci-Fi interface sound effects.

You can now download 119 free sound effects from the post!

Updated Post – Editing Feature Films in Premiere Pro

Editing Feature Films in Premiere Pro

My most recent post on the blog is a pretty detailed rundown of the feature film workflows for 6 Below and A Ghost Story, as well as tips and tools for Premiere Pro editors working in collaborative feature film environments.

It has been updated this week to include some great technical details from the post production supervisor on 6 Below, including how he built an edit suite and storage system capable of cutting terrabytes of 6K RED RAW files natively.

My guesstimate for creating a system like this came to over $40,000! Check it out in geeky detail here.

It also features some details on the latest new features coming to Premiere Pro, including this great video from Josh of ReTooled.net, demonstrating the ins and outs of some of these upcoming additions.

Updated Page – The Most Popular Posts on the Blog

best blogs on post production

I also got around to updating this helpful list of all the most popular posts on the blog, organised by topic category such as; the most popular gear reviews, NLE specific posts, colour grading posts, freebies and a whole lot more.

I last updated this post nearly 9 months ago, so if you’ve been following the blog for a while you might want to take a gander for a quick refresh on some hidden gems. Or if you’re new to the site and haven’t read through all 600+ posts (I don’t blame you…) then this would be a helpful jumping off point to learning more.

Here is a quick short list of the most popular posts of 2017 so far!

  1. Free Film LUTS for Editors, DITs and Colorists
  2. Is the New Macbook Pro Suitable for Video Editing
  3. Download Free Lens Flares
  4. Affordable Colour Grading Monitors
  5. Free Video Editing Software for Beginners
  6. Film Editing Keyboards, Mice, Controllers and More
  7. What are the Best Headphones for Film Editors?
  8. How to Install an SSD Drive in a Macbook Pro
  9. Affordable Colour Grading Control Surfaces
  10. 4K Video Editing Monitors

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