Over 4 hours of real-world training for Media Composer

Using Media Composer in the Real World

Rule Boston Camera’s Learning Lab Series is always superb and I’ve shared to some of their excellent videos before (like this post on 2 Hours with a Colorist). As I’ve continued on my Avid Media Composer journey lectures like these have been invaluable for an eye-opening look at how editors are working with Media Composer in the real world.

Editing Documentaries in Avid Media Composer

This first lecture from long-form editor Mark Chesak is excellent not only as a thuroughly decent overview of working in Media Composer 6.5 but also for the incredibly insightful tips, tricks and techniques he employs when putting together documentaries and TV shows that are created from many, many hours of source footage. Well worth a careful watch.

2k+ Workflows with Avid Media Composer & Resolve

Michael Phillips is an interesting guy and a holds not only an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement (for co-designing and investing Avid Media Composer) but also has an Oscar for his work in further developing Avid. So he knows what he’s talking about!

In this extremely detail saturated 2 and half hour lecture he walks through a full workflow for shooting 2K+ images on a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and then all the tools you might need to take that footage to delivery via Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve Lite. Specifically on “preparing dailies, double system audio sync overview, steps for pull list and re-conform to original 2K elements for an Avid HD finish, prep for and completion of conform in Smoke or Resolve at native resolutions.

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