Name That Editor Episode 2

Name That Editor Episode 2

Name that editor Episode 2

So about a year ago I put together a short editing ‘game show’ called Name That Editor.

The premise is to figure out who is the person who cut all of these films. before the end of the 90 second montage, and to therefore name that editor.

It’s essentially just a bit of fun.

So why has it taken me so long to get around to Episode 2?

I’m not entirely sure, but the usual list of excuses of work, family and life in general all appear in the line up.

Either way Episode 2 is here now!

All you have to do is watch this video and guess the name of the editor before the end. Simple.

Once you’ve watched the show you can learn more about the editor in question here. (No cheating!)

Thoughts on Editing Name That Editor

trailer edit timeline

Name That Editor Episode 2 Timeline

What struck me about editing another episode of this ‘show’ is how tricky it is to make something work within the self-imposed constraints of:

  • Only using trailers and so being limited to the baked in dialogue, music and video resolution of the files I could find.
  • Maintaining the chronology of the films release date, so as to move through the editor’s career trajectory, in visual fashion.
  • Keeping it short and fast paced enough that people might actually watch it!

All in all it takes quite a bit of time to find and download all the trailers from one editors career, especially the older films.

But if you want to give it a go for yourself – by all means please do  – and then let me see your edit!

Check out Episode 1 of Name That Editor here too.

Tracks from Ritual Music used in Name That Editor Episode 2

Ritual Music production music for cool kids

The music tracks I used in Episode 2 are from a new production music site called Ritual Music.

They’re a new outfit based in LA and Vancouver who describe themselves as “a team of musicians and producers who work with artists like Lorde, M83, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kesha, Walk the Moon, Sia and more.”

They were originally focused on “high-end custom content” but a year ago the assessed the current options for “pre-cleared, instantly licensable, super affordable music” and considered them to be only “so-so: either stock music or amateur content.

Ritual Music aims to be the place to go for a “library of content specifically created by world-class producers.”

They were kind enough to give me the music for free for this edit, and the tracks I used are:

Rollover by Johann Baer

Dark Disco by Catacombs

Killin It by The Racket Club

Game Time by Illuminators

One of the things I appreciated about Ritual Music’s collection of tracks is that they all sounded pretty fresh and relevant, which definitely helps when you start to feel ‘library fatigue’ from over using your other ‘go-to’ sites.

This is also a reason it’s worth expanding your collection of music sites from time time, to keep new blood in the mix.

better production music

The other thing I really liked was the fact that you could download not only the shorter cut downs (say 15, 30 or 60) of the track but also the individual music stems (guitars, drums, bass etc) for either remixing or rebuilding the track as needed.

They also have loops and variations to use as well. This just makes re-purposing the track for your edit a whole lot easier.

Check them out for yourself on

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