Name That Editor – Episode One!

Name That Editor – Episode One

Name that Editor

In a new and hopefully fun addition to this blog, I’m experimenting with a video quiz show series called Name That Editor

The premise of which is that I’ve taken one editor’s entire career, sourced via available original trailers on YouTube and compressed, in career chronological order, a few selected highlights into a fun little edit.

The game is to ‘guess’ or ‘Name That Editor‘ just by watching their work as it progresses over the course of their career. Hopefully you’ll go ”oh wow, I didn’t know ______ cut all those films… how interesting! What else have the worked on that I might like?

It should be a fun little curious diversion in your working day and nothing very serious at all.

Working within these creative constraints of only using YouTube trailers and selecting the most interesting films from the 40 or so an editor might have cut in their career is a little challenging, but hopefully I’ll get better at them as I make more.

The track I used in this episode is Kingpin, licensed from For some tips on using Production Library music check out this previous post.

One Editor Cut All These Films, But Who?

How does it work?

Watch this episode of Name That Editor and try to guess who cut all these films before the answer is revealed at the end.

If you need a helping hand, turn on the Closed Captions on YouTube to see the film titles and year, as they appear in the edit.

After you’re done check out the editor’s entire credit list in the YouTube notes, feedback in the comments and even suggest editors for future episodes. As always, if you like it, share it!

Creating Credits With Endcrawl

credits by endcrawl

In putting together Name That Editor, I knew I wanted to have some scrolling credits – listing the editor’s entire career film credits – at the end. And although I could have tinkered with this in Premiere, I thought it was a great opportunity to give a try, and the team behind this great service were happy to help me out.

Endcrawl is THE online service for creating scrolling end-credits with ease and precision.

It’s currently still in beta but it’s very easy to use with a clever google-doc driven database of your credits piped through into the Endcrawl online interface, where you can make adjustments to the layout, frame size and so on.

creating scrolling credits

One of the cool features is that it’s also easy to include the logos of a very long list of companies and organisations just by selecting them from a drop-down menu.

The support team were extremely helpful and prompt which was great when it came to working out a few of the fine details that are more about the beta status. It’s also great that you get unlimited preview renders as (for some psychological reason) it’s only after you’ve hit ‘render’ that you noticed all the spelling errors and mistakes, that editor’s are renown for. (or is it just me?!)

If you’re creating credits for your film, TV show or short film, Endcrawl is the BEST way to do it. Fast, effective and pristine every time.

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