Learn To Edit – Great Advice from Pro Editors

Learning To Edit Great Advice from Pro Editors

The Manhattan Edit Workshop is an editing training powerhouse in New York, offering intensive courses in all the major editing systems plus a ‘signature’ six week course that promises “a jump-start for anyone looking for a career in editing. Learn Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and After Effects, work with top editors, and create a professional reel.” – It ain’t cheap though, at nearly $6,000. But I doubt you’ll get the same kind of access to professional editors, any where else.

That is except for on the internet. In the MEW series called Critical Ends, there is a smorgasbord of snippets from professional feature film and documentary editors about life in the cutting room. Enjoy the feast!

These first two videos are from Tom Haneke, who is an Academy Award winning documentary editor.

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Professional Editors share their insights

If you enjoy these tidbits of editing wisdom, you might want to know that you can buy ‘unabridged’ audio recordings of ‘An evening with….’ Carol Littleton, Christopher Tellefsen, Alan Heim… and many more.

Each talk lasts about an hour and comes from the Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Artist in Residence series. They are also at the bargain price of $2.24 or £1.30 a pop.

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Christopher Tellefsen, A.C.E.

For collection of great insights from Christopher Tellefsen check out this previous post. Christopher has edited films such as Moneyball, The Village, Capote, Analyse This and many more. Imdb.com.

Michael Berenbaum, A.C.E.

Credits include: The Wire, What To Expect When You’re ExpectingBefore Night FallsThe AmericansSex and The City. Imdb.com.

Keith Reamer

A renown documentary editor, check out Keith’s extensive credits on imdb.com.

Carol Littleton, A.C.E.

Probably most famous for editing E.T. Carol’s credits include: The Rum Diary, The Manchurian Candidate, Margot at the Wedding and many more. Imdb.com

Jeffrey Wolf, A.C.E.

Credits include: Holes, Billy Madison, Beautiful Girls, Bachelorette. Imdb.com

John Gilroy A.C.E.

Credits include: Pacific Rim, Bourne Legacy, Salt, Warrior, Michael Clayton, Narc. Imdb.com

Alan Heim A.C.E

Credits include: American History X, The Notebook, Network. Full credits on imdb.com.

Curtiss Clayton

Credits include: The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford, Buffalo 66, My Own Private Idaho. Imdb.com

Jim Lyons, A.C.E.

Credits include: Far From Heaven, Virgin Suicides, Prozac Nation. Imdb.com

Bill Pankow, A.C.E.

Credits include: Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables, Assault on Precinct 13. Imdb.com

Lee Percy, A.C.E.

Credits include: Carrie (2013), Boys Don’t Cry, Maria Full of Grace. Imdb.com

Larry Silk, A.C.E.

A highly accomplished documentary editor, check out his full list of credits here.

Dan Katz

A big TV editor – full list of credits on imdb.com

Stephen Rotter

Credits include: The Right StuffEnchanted, What Women Want. Imdb.com

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