Lightworks 11.5 Tutorials

10 New Tutorials for Lightworks 11.5

New tutorials for lightworks 11.5

Lightworks 11.5 (for Windows and Linux) is now available to download. There are a huge number of new features added to the free and paid for versions of the program, which is easily powerful, and capable enough, of rivalling all the other major NLEs.

For a full list of what’s new in 11.5 you can download this pdf or you can read a quick summary over on the official Lightworks site. You can also watch these short walk through tutorials. If you’re still waiting for the Mac version, well you’ll just have to keep waiting. Hopefully it will be available soon!

Lastly you really can’t beat the price of the pro version at £49.99/$79.99 a year or just £4.99/$7.99 a month. You can also pay a one-time fee of £179.99/$279.99 for that version (with free minor updates). The pro version allows you to export to more than just Youtube and enables all of the third party proprietary codecs.

Lightworks pro

Lightworks 11.5 Essential Tutorials

The new 10 part series of tutorials gets you up and running with Lightworks 11.5, covering everything from starting a new project to getting organised, editing, trimming, audio work and of course exporting your final film.

More Lightworks Tutorials

For even more Lightworks tutorials check out all the previous posts in the Lightworks category on this blog as well as absorbing these great tips from the Sharkbites 4 part series on making the most of keyboard shortcuts when editing in Lightworks.

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