How to Deliver a Commercial for Broadcast

Deliver a Commercial for Broadcast

If you need to deliver a commercial to a digital broadcaster and need to meet their technical specifications but don’t know where to begin, then these tutorials from Craig Russil-Roy of will set you straight on the basic concepts and procedures. In these short tutorials Craig covers the delivery conventions for several different countries, including the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as concepts like Loudness in this tip below.

Free iBook on Broadcast Delivery Specifications

How to deliver a commercial

Craig also has an excellent, and free, 117 page interactive iBook called Broadcast Delivery 101, which covers commercial distribution and creation, delivery formats, working on all the main NLEs and the specific slates and leaders for several countries. It does weigh in at over 600mb and will only work on an iPad or your Mac’s iBooks app, but it’s a brilliant primer for the uninitiated and very easy to follow. Download it directly from the ibooks store.

Tutorials on How to Deliver a Commercial

Craig demonstrates not only how to set up your sequence correctly per country, but also how to export your commercial in the right technical specification in several different applications including Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and many others.

Deliver a Commercial from Adobe Premiere Pro

In this excellent mini-tutorial, Craig demonstrates a nifty way of combining an After Effects script with a CSV list, exported from a spreadsheet, to automate the process of slating hundreds of commercials with unique client information in a few seconds. I got in touch with Craig who kindly sent me the Spot Creator script to share with you all. Download it now!

How to Deliver a Commercial from FCPX

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