How to become an Assistant Film Editor

How to become an Assistant Film Editor

If you’re interested in learning how to become an assistant editor then there are quite a few resources out there to help you get started, or at least open you up to other editors experiences. The Editors Lounge has some great videos and this 2 part panel discussion, featuring two editors and 2 assistant editors, on how to become an assistant editor and how the relationship works between the editor and their assistant is well worth a watch.

What skills do I need to be a good assistant? have a useful post on understanding what skills are required to be an assistant editor,  what the job entails and what are some of the common routes into the business.

What does an assistant editor do?

“Edit Assistants may carry out some simple cutting and editing work as required.  They manage all media, which includes auto-conforming media, digitising material for editing, ensuring that there is sufficient storage space for the work in hand, and controlling and monitoring the movement of material in preparation for editing.  They are also responsible for logging and storing tapes, recording reports and printing labels. “

To see what kind of things an assistant editors does simply type ‘Assistant‘ into the search box on the top right of this page to find all previous posts featuring assistant editors.  Also check out this post on Evan Schiff, a professional assistant editor working on some big features on his tips and techniques for keeping an edit room working.

Edit Assisting: Getting Organised

What do VFX assistants do on big hollywood feature films? Anthony Snitzer has an interesting blog/journal documenting what he got up to as visual effects assistant working on The Avengers for five weeks.

How to be a VFX Assistant

How to get started as a freelance film editor

I’ve also previously written a quite comprehensive post with my thoughts on how to get started as a freelance editor in the creative industries. Check that out here:

How to become a film editor

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