Editing a Pixar film

Editing an animated feature film…

The art of the guillotine has a great podcast interview with editor Ken Schretzmann on how he got his start in the industry, his creative process as feature film editor at Pixar, and how to handle a film that’s always, always changing. Listen to parts 1 and 2 below.

Moviemaker.com also has a good article summarising a panel discussion from NY Edit Fest 2011 from Ken on the intricacies of editing an animated feature film at Pixar.

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  • […] In this two part interview from AOTG.com you can hear how editor Ken Schretzmann handles the process of cutting a Pixar film. Ken has worked on several Pixar features including Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc and Monster’s University. Another interview that is well worth checking out is this extensive article from Annellie Samuel over on the Canadian Cinema Editor’s blog, which brings together both a detailed description of the editorial process of editing an animated film, as well as great interviews with professional animation editors… […]

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