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How To Be A Freelance Creative Ebook

How to be freelance on kindle, ipad and iphone

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Essential advice to help build your freelance creative career

Dear Readers,

I’m happy to announce that my first ever ebook, How To Be A Freelance Creative, is now available! I’ve put a ton of work into it so I hope it proves useful to you and any freelancers you may know. Head over to the new ebook page for the full low-down, including a link to download a free sample of the book and an infographic with the results of my freelancer survey, which really helped to inform the content of the book.

How To Be A Freelance Creative

How To Be A Freelance Creative is a practical, no-nonsense primer on everything you need to know to become a successful freelance creative.

Throughout my freelance career I have consistently been able to work fewer days, whilst increasing my income year on year, all through raising my rates and landing better gigs. Add $1000s to your annual salary by learning how to raise your rates and develop multiple streams of income to help you thrive in your freelance creative marketplace.

Inside the 100 pages that are How To Be A Freelance Creative is every piece of useful advice I’ve ever received, all the lesson I’ve ever learned, all the mistakes I’ve ever made and every technique that has ever helped me to sustain and grow my freelance creative career over the past 8 years and counting.

Basically everything I wish I’d known when I started

How to be a freelance Creative Ebook

Whether you are a creative just about to take the plunge into being freelance for the first time, or you’ve been freelance for years, How To Be A Freelance Creative will help you get to grips with everything you need to know to really excel in, and enjoy, your freelance creative career. Covering everything from finding the kind work you love, to handling your finances and developing ways of growing your business for the long haul.

whats in how to be freelance ebook

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To find out more about How To Be A Freelance Creative please check out the new ebook page in the menu bar at the top of the site.


    • Hi Ulises
      Thanks for checking out the ebook. It is currently only available in PDF format, which you can read on your computer, iPad, phone or kindle etc.

      There aren’t any printed paper copies at the moment, but you are free to print out your own copy if you prefer. The book is about 100 pages long.

      Many thanks

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