Batman The Dark Knight Post Production

Editing Batman The Dark Knight

I’m a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s movies, I can’t think of one I haven’t enjoyed both from an entertainment perspective and a craft or technical one. Whilst rummaging around on the internet I came across these articles on The Dark Knight’s post production.

The Dark Knight, which was shot and delivered in both IMAX and 35mm anamorphic which posed some interesting challenges for assistant editor John Lee and editor Lee Smith, who share their insights into their editorial journey which lasted 14 months with 8 in full post production.

Interview with Editor Lee Smith

Interview with Assistant Editor John Lee

Sound Design on The Dark Knight

The score and soundscape for The Dark Knight are extremely memorable and in some ways are almost a character in their own right within the films construction. Sound Designer Richard King talks through some of his process in this article from the editor’s guild magazine.

The Dark Knight Sound Design

The Dark Knight Visual Effects

Studio Daily have a couple of great articles on the VFX work needed on the film, including providing finished shots in 8K resolution for the IMAX sequences.

Paul Franklin (Double Negative VFX Supervisor) on The Dark Knight

Combining IMAX and 35mm on The Dark Knight

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