Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Spring Update

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Spring Update

Adobe Creative Cloud Feature update

It’s NAB time again and all the big software companies are rolling out updates to woo and wow you into sticking with their subscriptions throughout the year. Adobe often preview features that are then released later on, but this year they’ve announced and shipped at the same time!

Although it goes without saying that you really don’t need to update on the day of release, although the App updater does make it temptingly easy to do!

As this is a dot update and not a whole ‘new year’ update, so you can’t have it installed alongside previous 2017 versions of the software.

In these short official promo videos you can get a feel for what’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition as well as all the other apps here.

There’s a lot of new things in the Creative Cloud Suite – including new apps that are out in beta such as Project Felix or the (still?) in beta Character Animator.

The Best New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Josh from has an excellent and detailed walk through of some of the new features in Premiere Pro and it’s integration with After Effects in these two new tutorials.

One of the biggest changes to ‘every day’ editing in Premiere is the new Essential Graphics panel, which seems to be a complete re-working of text and title graphics inside of Premiere.

Personally I was always a big fan of the master-child relationship between text title clips, and also often used them as a search feature inside of Premiere when logging. Josh demonstrates that this is still available via File > New > Legacy Title.

In the first video (above) Josh covers the updates to Captioning, The Essential Sound Panel and The Essential Graphics Panel.

What’s great about Josh’s video is that he’s not from Adobe, so he can point out the things that aren’t quite working just yet, as well as the workarounds to fix them.

In the second video Josh takes a detailed look at the integration of After Effects and Premiere Pro via the new Essential Graphics Panel. Josh covers:

  • Exporting and Importing Premiere Pro created Motion Graphics templates
  • Creating After Effects motion graphics templates as .MOGRT files.
  • Creating After Effects templates and using the Essential Graphics Panel or Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Rigging an After Effects project for another After Effects Artist or Premiere Pro editor.
  • Using the Cinema4D renderer right in Premiere Pro.
  • Using Expressions to work around some early limitations of these rigging features.

I’m sure we’ll soon see a market for downloading .MOGRT files as prebuilt templates for your projects.

Free .MOGRT Premiere Pro Template

As predicted it didn’t take long for content creators to offer downloadable templates in the new Premiere Pro .MOGRT file format.

In this post from you can grab a free title template which includes 5 different animations with customisable text, colours and other parameters.

Check out the short video above to see what it can do and how easy it is to use!

In this 30 minute demo from Dave Helmly from Adobe you can get a comprehensive walkthrough of all the new features in Premiere Pro including the Essential Graphics panel, the Essential Audio panel, Adobe Stock, Team Projects, early support for VR effects and Ambisonic sound.

As this video is from Dave it’s pretty much straight from the horses mouth.

New tools in adobe spring 2017

For a meticulous and detailed look at all of the nitty gritty new features, UI changes and improvements check out editor Scott Simmons article on Scott covers changes to the UI, preferences, as well as all the other big features.

An interesting detail that Scott pulls out is the new video tour splash screen that is intended to help new editors find their feet in the editorial process. This means that it’s also downloading 165mb of footage for this tour project, which you may want to delete! You can find it in a tutorial directory in the Shared User Profile.

If you don’t see the screen pop up just go to Help > Welcome Screen and you can find it. If you choose Get Started you’ll be taken to a new Let’s Get Started import box to get that first bit of footage loaded and move on to editing.

For a one-stop-shop run down of all the official videos, tutorials and details of the new features in the Spring 2017 update, check out the PremiereBro’s compilation post here.

The Essential Sound panel is the ideal solution for editors who want to make basic improvements to their audio before auditioning their work to a client or director. If you’re not familiar with the Essential Sound panel from Audition, think of it like a friendly UI for many of the existing Adobe audio effects.

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