Filmmaking Masterclasses, Lectures and Interviews

Learn your craft from Hollywood legends…

BAFTA have a fantastic array of high quality material from some of the biggest names in cinematic history and its well worth a rummage. Here are some of my favourite finds….

The David Lean Lectures – A short lecture on filmmaking from the likes of Woody Allen, Peter Weir, Oliver Stone…

BAFTA Masterclasses – Full length masterclasses from the industries experts covering topics from screenwriting and production design to visual effects and sound design.

A Life in Pictures – Conversations with some of the industry’s best and brightest with too many famous names to even start a short list.

Editing Masterclass – Pietro Scalia

Editor Pietro Scalia – An inside look at the mind, method and mastery of Ridley Scott’s favourite editor… His full 43 minute masterclass is available on the BAFTA site here.

Editing Lecture – Walter Murch

This lecture recorded in 2003 was presented by Murch at BAFTA and is classic Walter – a knowledgable mix of the history of cinema film editing as well as plenty of anecdotes from his extensive career working with some of the best directors of recent decades.

Monsters – VFX Case Study

Gareth Edwards super low budget post-monster-invasion-road-trip-love-story Monsters is a brilliant example of smart storytelling and low-fi (yet convincing) visual effects mastery. In this interview with editor Colin Goudie, they express their keep it simple stupid filmmaking philosophy.

BAFTA on Youtube…

Find all these videos and many more on BAFTA’s Youtube Channel.

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