5 DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

5 DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

Here is another round up of 5 recent DaVinci Resolve tips and tutorials that will help smooth out a few workflow kinks and make the most of this amazing free software. Download DaVinci Resolve Lite 9.1.1 from blackmagicdesign.com

Which Codec Do I have?

A quick tip from Warren Eagles about figuring out what codec, frame size and frame rate you are working with in your DaVinci Resolve project.

Working with Green screen in Resolve

Jesse Borkowski runs through a quick tip on how to composite out a green screen using nodes, qualifiers and the alpha output in Resolve.

Reading the Waveform Monitor

In this second tutorial from Jesse Borkowski he walks through how to read the waveform monitor and use it to properly distribute your luminance values across a shot to properly set your exposure using the lift (shadows), gamma (mids) and gain (highlights) controls. He also compares YRGB and ACES color spaces and how they differ in their distribution of luma values. There is also a quick look at balancing your shots with the RGB parade.

The Uses of Flagging Autolinked Clips

Flagging clips in Davinci Resolve

Alexis Van Hurkman, colorist and author of the 600 page Resolve manual, has written a short post on the operational differences between flags and markers and then how to put flags to good use in Resolve to allow you to:

 …quickly isolate every other clip in the timeline that’s auto-linked to the current clip. This gives you a way to deal with situations where you’re not sure how many other clips will be affected by a grade you’re about to make when you’re working

Alexis is frequently posting some great tips, musings and insights on his blog so its well worth reading the full post and then taking some time to rummage around!

Backing Up Your Resolve Projects & Stills

Colorist Dan Moran from the soon to launch Mixing Light provides a few good tips on how best to back up your Resolve database (which contains all your projects) as well as your stills store and individual projects if you need to.

Backing Up Davinci Resolve projects

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