Tutorials for Colorists

A fistful of colour grading tutorials

Presynkt Post always have good DaVinci Resolve tutorials and here is their latest quick tip on how to reframe RED EPIC footage and use vignettes to help draw the viewers eye.

Adobe have a useful blog post on Understanding 8-bit, 10-bit and 32-bit ”floating point” colour processing and then applying that to the way Adobe Premiere handles colour processing.  “The higher the color bit depth, the higher the color precision.

This colour grading breakdown from Scott Mclean is a really good demonstration of the level of detail and finesse it takes to grade a TV commercial.

Throughout July Patrick Inhoffer from Tao of Color is ‘guest blogging’ on SpliceVine.com on the fundamentals of colour correction. So far he’s covered everything from how your brain works to setting up your suite. Also if you’ve not signed up to Patricks brilliant (and free!) weekly newsletter then do so now! Its packed full of grading goodness.

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