Free DIT Training From LightIron Digital

Free Online DIT Training From LightIron Digital

DIT training

LightIron Digital, the leaders in the field of on-set post production tools and software, has just released two new DIT training series covering their DIT systems and iPad based software.

Available from LightIron’s Outpost U, each 4 part series will get you up to speed on all of the software solutions LightIron offers such as LivePlay (video assist on iPads), Todailies (take home dailies on an Ipad) as well as their DIT carts like LillyPad and OutPost.

If you’ve not yet seen the first 5 part series of DIT training from LightIron – The State of D Cinema – you should definitely check that out too. After watching all this training if you want more from post-production whizz Cioni, here’s a link to every post he’s featured in.

DIT Systems Training

Due to LightIron’s sharing settings you can only watch the training on their site. Check out the 4 part series on System’s Training here.

Free DIT Training

DIT Software Training

Here is the 4 part software training series covering all of LightIron’s bespoke apps.

Free DIT Training software

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