How To Fix FCP7 Out of Memory Error

Solving Out of Memory Error in FCP7

The out of memory error in final cut pro 7 certainly is mysterious and very frustrating. I had this error today while working on a project with a lot of large jpg images in it, which always seems to make FCP7 go a bit weird, but thankfully Larry Jordan is to the rescue once again with a great short tip on solving this problem.

Extra Tip: If anything ever goes a bit wonky in FCP, its a good idea to try trashing the preferences (see this simple article from Larry Jordan) and also ‘Saving a project as…’ – which can help rebuild the internal workings of a project. In both cases this didn’t help me as what I needed to do was resize some overly large jpg images to a more FCP friendly scale. It’s always the last thing you try.

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If you’re ever in a bind on something post production related Larry Jordan’s site, blog, and paid training are all well worth checking out. If you want more freebies though, do check in on Larry’s YouTube channel which has a whole bunch of free FCPX Tutorials and more….

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