Colour Grading Tips

Colour Grading Tips

Lift Gamma Gain is a new forum for colorists that has some interesting discussions going on. There are areas for a vast number of colour grading programs, industry news, hardware info and a growing number of other topics.

RGrain have a very cool short tutorial on how to clean up 8-bit DSLR footage, render to a 10-bit codec and then apply (their own) film grain.

Scopebox is a handy piece of software from divergent media that allows you to capture and monitor your video signal right into your mac, complete with an array of scopes to ensure image quality. $99.

How to use LUTS

How to use LUTS is a blog post (via Tao of Color) describing how to use LUTS in a variety of situations including camera matching and REC709 viewing.

Abelcine has a useful video on using Luts with the Sony F3.

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