Baselight Plugin for FCP7

Filmlight, the UK company that make the Baselight colour grading systems recently released a plugin for Final Cut Pro that delivers all the power of Baselight inside the FCP interface, but then enables you to export all of your grading choices to the full Baselight system for professional level finishing.

Colour grading with Baselight in FCP

The plugin costs $995, which seems pretty steep given that you can get a full software copy of DaVinci Resolve for that price but if you already have the Baselight system, it might make for a handy offline addition. You can download a free trial to give it a whirl for yourself here.

Alexis Van Hurkman has a very thorough run down of his thoughts on the plugin on his blog.

Free tutorials for FCP Baselight plugin

The Filmlight site also has three handy video tutorials to get you started…

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