Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve Round Up

A Round Up of  Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve short cutsThere are plenty of great places online to learn more about DaVinci Resolve, and in this round up I’ve gathered together plenty of new gems for your colour grading consumption.

To kick off this post jump over to I Love Hue and download the updated DaVinici Resolve 9.15 shortcut cheat sheet to keep yourself update with all the latest keyboard commands.

DaVinci Resolve How To Tutorials

In this short tutorial colorist Jesse Borkowski demonstrates how to use dynamic and static keyframes in Resolve 9.1 and the differences between the two types of keyframe.

Jesse reveals how to force conform a clip if your XML handover doesn’t quite happen as it should. In the tutorial below Andrew McKee demonstrates how to use the conflict resolution dialogue to solve a similar problem.

Colorist Matt Scott walks through grading a shot from a RED Scarlet-X, covering topics like Red color science, gamma curves, reading a waveform scope, using qualifiers, masks and more. A great introductory tutorial if you’re new to Resolve and grading RAW footage.

Creating Looks in DaVinci Resolve

Creating a stylised Flash back Look

A lot of the posts in the DaVinci Resolve category and colour grading category feature colour grading breakdowns and look creation tutorials and this post is no different!

In this step by step blog post Andrew McKee, a Manchester based editor and colorist, shares how to create a stylised flash back look, similar to the one seen in very excellent The Limey, inside of DaVinci Resolve.

Colorist Jesse Borkowski shares how to create a look for a documentary talking head interview in three parts. Really useful to see someone grading an interview shot.

DaVinci Resolve Workflow Tips

In this tutorial Andrew McKee demonstrates a very common workflow for creating dailies in Resolve, sending them to Avid Media Composer and then conforming your grade back in Resolve.

This series of short tutorials from the Autodesk Smoke Learning Channel walks you through how to round trip from Smoke to DaVinci Resolve and other interoperability features.

In this short post Cinematographer Dennis Hingsberg shares a workflow tip on how to use Resolve to transcode XAVC footage from a Sony F5 or F55.

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