Useful tools for film editors

Here are some really useful tools, tips and resources for film editors…

File management workflow tips has a huge range of really useful info on a vast range of digital video production topics. This article on File Management has some very handy tips from folder naming strategies to consistently managing derivatives of your primary files.

Custom Matte Maker

Evan schiff has a fantastic blog which is well worth checking out. This post has a built in Matte Maker which will allow you to download a still image that will matte your HD video in an Academy (1.85) or Scope (2.40) formats in whatever transparency you want. If you want a copy of this useful image (below) with the framing lines alone then you can get it here.

Post Production Mastering Tips

Oliver Peters (frequently linked to from this blog!) has another superb article on his best practices for finishing and delivering a project. He covers everything from audio sweetening to broadcast delivery preparation and archival solutions. A must read!

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