Three Avid Workflow Tips

Roundtripping: Avid to Resolve & Back

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to get your timeline from Avid Media Composer to DaVinci Resolve and back again… Skip to 4 minutes in to get past the preamble.

Avid AMA Workflow Best Pratices

Digital Rebellion have a great post on how best to smooth out your AMA experience and make sure you can achieve what you’re intending to. Well worth a read. Avid’s Media Access (AMA) essentially lets you work with several native file formats within Avid rather than transcoding everything to DNxHD.

How to create Low Res Quicktime’s from Avid

Shane Ross recently shared this tip on how to export low res quicktime files, with burnt in timecode, ready for uploading to a client’s FTP for review, which is a daily occurrence for remote editing workflows. Shane goes into a fair amount of step by step depth so its worth reading the whole thing.


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