A Personal Project: Raising £10k for the best of causes!

 Important Update – September 2012

Over the past six months I’ve been helping to raise money for a small but amazing community school in Kampala, Uganda for a vital building project that will open up the future of the school by purchasing a run down old building in the middle of the school grounds – demolishing it will create the space for much needed expansion. Thanks to some incredibly generous giving from people all over the world we’re about half way to our target of £10k and its time to get this thing finished!

With the help of The Kabanda Trust we’ve just managed to purchase the property which came at a crucial time – fending off some buyers were trying to get it first. Kabanda partnered with us by covering the gap in our finances and providing vital local legal assistance for all the proper paperwork. Take Sixty is committed to reach our target in order to both reimburse Kabanda and resource the next phase of the project. If you want to give £25 and in a few short clicks make a world of difference head over to Take Sixty!

£25 to change the world?

I went to Uganda with my wife in February to visit a primary school just outside Kampala called Rock of Joy. My wife had previously spent a year living and working at the school when she was 18 and had been back to visit many times over the years so it was great to finally see it all for myself!

Sixty Seconds To Change The World

Once we got back home to London I decided I needed to do something to support the school, its staff and all the joyful children that we had met. So I’ve decided to try to raise £10,000 to help the school make a strategic purchase that will help unlock so much future potential for growth. Finding 400 friends to give £25 each feels like a simple way to make a big difference that costs us nearly nothing and makes a world of difference for these amazing kids!

How can I help?

Watch the one minute video below then head over to www.sixtysecondstochangetheworld.com to make it happen! After you’ve donated make sure you tweet/blog/email/text and talk your friends and family into getting in on the action too!

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