New Features in Premiere Pro CC 8.1

New Features in Premiere Pro CC 8.1

The rapid pace of the continuous development of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is seemingly second only to that of DaVinci Resolve and in this new 8.1/IBC/Adobe MAX update there are a huge number of updates that should make your editing life easier.

In this excellent walk through (above) from Josh of you can quickly understand what’s changed, what’s improved and what still needs work. If you want to hear it from the horses mouth, you can check out Al Mooney’s energetic presentation at the recent Amsterdam Supermeet. Here is a quick list of some of the new features.

Editing workspace layouts

Editor Vashi Nedomansky shares his thoughts on what the best new features are in the update and in the image above (click through to his post to see it in high res) you can check out how Vashi lays out his editing workspace across two monitors.

Changing Dock Icons for Premiere Pro CC 2014

Lastly if you’re not quite ready to upgrade yet, or you want to keep your different versions of Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Pro CC 2014 clearly separated, Scott Simmons has a short but handy post on how to change the dock icons for both apps, which also features a set you can download for free.

Adobe Premiere Clip – iPad App

Adobe Premiere Clip

One of the interesting new developments from Adobe is a handful of new (and largely free) iPad and iPhone apps that take many of Adobe’s core creativity apps and extend their reach into the palm of your hand. Premiere Clip is their new (fairly simple) video editing app which you can check out for yourself on the official site. There are also a few short tutorials available here. Kylee Wall has a good run down of the mobile apps here.

Although it’s obviously intended to be an ‘app for everyone’, it will be interesting to see how many professionals find useful ways of adding it into their workflow. Here is a quick demo on using the app on your iPhone and iPad and a tutorial on how to move that edit into Premiere Pro CC via the Creative Cloud.

Premiere Pro CC 8.1 Tutorials

In this short tutorial Josh from goes into a bit more detail on how to “pass through source settings like frame rate, frame size, and field info into your quicktime export (some other formats as well).” In the video tutorial below, Josh demonstrates how to quickly colour correct your footage using Color reTooled’s look presets and the new bezier mask tool in Premiere Pro CC 8.1.

If you still hadn’t had enough of understanding all the new features in Adobe Premiere Pro 8.1 then this, much more detailed, IBC 2014 presentation from Maxim Jago will take you through some of the more technical details.

In this quick tip from Manhattan Edit Workshop you can get to grips with project media management in Premiere Pro CC in under 4 minutes.

GoPro CineForm Codec in Premiere Pro CC 8.1

One of the new features in Adobe Premiere Pro is the ability to natively edit the (recently acquired by GoPro) CineForm codec. In this tutorial Dave Helmly takes you through both project management of a 6K project and working with the GoPro CineForm codec in Premiere Pro CC.

Jason Bowdach from Cinetic Studios has been tweeting some render tests involving the official CineForm codec and the new GoPro CineForm codec.

In this second tutorial from Dave you can learn just how powerful the 2013 Mac Pro is when working inside Premiere Pro CC and how to maximise the power of both GPU’s when exporting your projects (at 5.45). P.s. this video is largely an infomercial for buying new gear! You can find out more about Premiere and multiple GPUs in this detailed article.

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