Lightworks Tutorial Round Up

Lightworks Video Tutorial Round Up

Lightworks - Free Video Editor

Lightworks, the nearly free, almost open source Non-Linear Editor, makes professional level tools available to everyone and anyone at the click of a download link. If you want more background information, previous tutorials and demos of what it can do then check out the Lightworks category or check out this post about Tariq Anwar, who (exclusively?) most often cuts on Lightworks. You might have seen a few of his films, like, oh, American Beauty or The Kings Speech.

SharkBites Tutorials

The Lightworks team have been busily uploading these 27 free ‘shark byte’ video tutorials that walk you through installing Lightworks, getting started with the basics and generally understanding how it all works, as well as media management and more. Currently you can only install Lightworks on Windows and Linux, although Mac is ‘coming soon’. It’s £40/$60 a year for a Pro license which gives you access to more features and all the professional codecs you could wish for. A steal compared to any another other NLE!

Cutting A Dialogue Scene in Lightworks

In this 6 part tutorials series, Peter Bridgman, walks you through how to cut a simple dialogue scene in Lightworks using a script and footage that you can download to follow along with. This series is both a fantastic opportunity to learn how to cut a dialogue scene for any student editors looking for footage to mess around with and an excellent way to get to grips with editing inside Lightworks itself. Well done EditShare!

Lightworks on Linux Tutorials

Lightworks on Linux Tutorials

If you like your tutorials text based and procedural then the guys over on have a few tutorials to help you get started. Although once you get inside Lightworks it is (as far as I can tell) essentially the same, regardless of what platform you are on.

Lightworks on Linux – How to set up your first Lightworks Project

Lightworks on Linux – How to export master quality files

Lightworks on Linux – How to convert your videos for import with Avconv

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