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AVID Rough Cut Interviews

Avid Rough Cut has 40 episodes under its belt. They feature in depth interviews with filmmakers and editors on their craft, careers and insights on the world of filmmaking from a post production point of view.

Chris Nelson editor of LostMad Men and Six Feet Under speaks about his career in film – how he got in and how he stayed in by navigating the politics of the edit suite.

This episode is a sit down chat with Doug Liman director of Swingers and The Bourne Identity among other things on getting into the industry and staying in it all these years…

This episode gives a detailed insiders view on the world of indie filmmaking with 3 interviews in one. The writer/director and writer/producer in part 1. The assistant editor in part 2 and the sound designer in part 3.

In this short snippet from IBC 2011 Eddie Hamilton, editor on The Loft, X-Men First Class and co-editor of Kick Ass talks up Avid a great deal but also shares his insights on how to get into the industry.

Finally two more Avid Rough Cut episodes that are worth a listen are this one with Avatar co-editor Steve Rivkin and assistant editor talking about their post production journey on the film. Also check out this talk with a trio of Assistant Editors sharing their experiences of working on reality TV, low budget features and episodic TV.

Thank you Avid for free access to all these great editors and resources!

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