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Editing Workflow Tips For FCPX 10.0.7

I’ve noticed quite a few great little FCPX tips and tricks posted online lately so I thought I’d round them all up into one big helpful post.

Free 423 FCPX Commands and Keyboard Cheat Sheet

The wizardly Alex Gollner has created a nifty pdf containing an explanation of 423 of Final Cut Pro X’s commands and the keyboard shortcut reference for them if it exists. He’s also hooked it up to the FCPX User Guide to open that part of the document simultaneously when you click on the listed command. Its an incredibly useful way to get to grips with FCPX and generous of him to give it away for free!

FCPX Free Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet


Media Management in FCPX  – Moving media & project files correctly

The boys from Macbreak Studio have a great quick tip on how to ensure you can move your event and media files for an FCPX project onto another drive without losing anything and having everything work seamlessly next time you open it up.

Archiving FCPX Projects using Sparse Disk Images

Planet 5D has a rather rambling explanation of how to use Sparse Disk Images to store and archive your FCPX Project files, media and any other associated assets. I include it here because its a step by step video tutorial for the people who prefer that kind of thing. If you want a straight forward article on how to create Sparse disk images then check out this excellent one on KenStone.net.

FCPX in the broadcast TV world

FCP.co have a fantastic in-depth article about Magic Feather Inc’s use of FCPX in their post production pipeline to cut TV promos. Its a great way to see how FCPX is used professionally and also how to cut a promo for broadcast TV shows.

We’ve made something that shows you that you can really use FCPX in a broadcast environment that plays well with Protools, After Effects, and other broadcast tools.

The article includes a 5 part video series walking through their post workflow from set up to delivery. as well as an interview with CEO John Davidson.

Six FCP X Quick Tips

Larry Jordan’s latest blog post features 6 very useful quick tips for editing in FCPX including how to batch export projects and add a drop shadow to travelling mattes. There is also a great tip on how to use Paste Attributes (just like good ol’ FCP7) in FCPX.

Paste Attributes in FCPX

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