FCP 7 Media Manager Not Working? – Gotcha

Why isn’t the FCP7 Media Manager working?

Final Cut Pro’s media manager is an extremely useful tool, when it works. But often you don’t know that its not going to work properly until you need it to right at the end of a project. This helpful tip should help you figure out what’s going wrong and solve your media management problems…

Using Media Manager Correctly

At the end of a project I’ll often media manage the final sequences so that I can store them away for future re-edits or client requests. As most of my work is short form I can often store all the final project assets on a data dvd or two. Until I came across this problem:

Media manager not making managed project smaller

Media Manager won’t make the managed copy smaller. The reason for this (after a bit of googling) is because the client had forgotten to add ‘Reel’ numbers to the footage and so media manager won’t work. The solution is to go back and add reel numbers but this needs to be done carefully and accurately as it actually updates the quicktime metadata in the original media files. QT Change from Video Tool Shed, will do this for you. The best workflow is to use it before you import any files into FCP.


  • thanks a lot but what could be the problem if i can only media manage the video and the audio can’t give me the any info on the size of it. if i select both audio and video, media mange refuses to work, it is only working with the video

  • WOW. Just wanted to say thanks as I was banging my head (and would have continued doing so indefinitely) until I stumbled upon this post. πŸ™‚

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