Pro Tips To Improve Your Colour Grading

Pro Tips To Improve Your Colour Grading

Phil Strahl is the in-house colorist at Red Bull’s Media House, and among other things, a prolific tweeter of excellent tips for other colorists to benefit from.

What’s particularly great about Phil’s tips is that they tend to focus on the art and style of colour grading, rather than simply the technical or software side, and often are about solving common colorist problems.

Here is a round up of the best of Phil, but for more, you can follow him on @philstrahl.

Even More Colour Grading Tweet Tips

If you want even more Twitter based tips for the knowledge hungry colorist, then you should definitely check out this previous post which has an even longer list of tips from Colorist, author and trainer Alexis Van Hurkman. And check out the rest below. Obviously all of these colorists are well worth following on Twitter.

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