Over 6 Hours of Free Colour Grading & VFX Training

6 Hours of Free Assimilate Scratch Training

If you want over 6 hours of free training on professional color grading and compositing techniques and generally how to make the most Assimilate Scratch’s finishing capabilities then these tutorials from Mike Burton and cmiVFX will do just the trick.

Even if you don’t plan on using Scratch there are plenty of tips and tricks that would be applicable to any colour grading system which make watching these tutorials worthwhile. You can download a free trial of Scratch and Scratch Lab from the Assimilate Inc site and access a whole host of feature by feature ‘how-to’ tutorials.

Scratch DI – Volume 1

DI workflow

Mike starts with the fundamentals of using Scratch from importing footage, setting up your project and monitoring. Then he walks through using Scratch to create sync one light dailies and grading the finished project. Its an incredibly in-depth three hours of colour grading in Scratch.

Scratch VFX Processing – Volume 2

In part 2 of this training Mike shows you how to process shots for CG departments as well as perform common VFX tasks such as object removal, paint restoration, grain generation, post effects etc.

A DSLR to Web DI Workflow with Jason Myres

If you’re trying to figure out a DI workflow for projects shooting on DSLR cameras to distribute on the web then Jason Myres free webinar will show you he solved this very problem. He walks through his custom workflow using Scratch and Avid Media Composer to process large amounts of footage quickly and efficiently to get into the grade as seamlessly as possible.

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