Behind The Scenes on Oblivion

Oblivion Behind The Scenes

If you enjoyed Joseph Kosinski’s Tron Legacy, then his next film Oblivion looks pretty darn good too. There are some really interesting behind the scenes featurettes appearing online ahead of the theatrical release, including one about the front projection work for the sky tower. If cinematography is your thing then check out this interview with DP Claudio Miranda from Film and Digital Times and this one on Studio Daily.


This 21 minute video takes you behind the scenes on the making of Oblivion with more insights and access than you saw in the original EPK films below.

Film And Digital Times also has a great interview with DIT Alex Carr and his work with Claudio Miranda on handling all of the Sony F65 footage.

Oblivion Soundtrack

Oblivion Soundtrack

You can also stream the Oblivion soundtrack over on free from composers Joseph Trapanese and Anthony Gonzales, as well as a track from M83.

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