Best free editing tools on the web…

Michael Cinquin has created some of the most useful free editing tools around. They’re amazing because they do obscure but vital things, really well. They’re also free. They’re a little unusual because they’re web based, but no less effective for it, and I suppose another bonus is they’re always available.

The ‘Import every subtitle in Final Cut Pro to DVD Studio Pro‘ was a life saver on a long project I was working on that was subtitled into six different languages.  All of my FCP text elements transfered into DVDSP beautifully and saved me a tonne of time.

Michael also has a suite of fantastic tools for Color which allow you to batch transfer grades, or change one parameter setting on every shot at once, or get FCP to update a timeline to the latest renders. Incredibly useful free tools!

There are further tools for Cinema Tools, LUTS, Color profiles and R3D, DPX and many other things. Check them all out at

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