A.C.E. Editors on their craft…

American Cinema Editors share their wisdom

Cinema Editor Magazine, the official magazine of ACE,  has a great selection of articles and interviews from its editors – for which you’ll have to shell out the extremely reasonable $5 annual subscription fee. But some things are accessible for free, one of which is this great collection of wisdom nuggets from various ACE editors…

You can read them all here and I’ve added three of my favourites below…

Add a frame or two of duplicate action when cutting from close to wide to give the eye time to find that action.  – Sonny Baskin, A.C.E.

After editing a dialogue scene, ask yourself how many edits were truly necessary and vital to the story and emotions. Then, reexamine and see if there is an area to simplify. Editors are not paid by the edit. – Timothy Good, A.C.E.

  • Try it.
  • Feel it.
  • There are no rules. – Ronald Sanders, A.C.E.

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