5+ places to learn new things…

When I don’t know how to do/fix/work-around/create/hack/solve something here are the first places I go…

1. Google – always quickest and most likely to come up with a good few solutions.

2. The Manual/help section – that’s what its there for.

3. Creativecow.net – The hub of creative know-how and forum based solutions, plus a free monthly magazine, always worth a regular visit.

4. Larryjordan.biz – Best for technical tips and workflows, plus if in need just drop Larry an email himself. (He almost always kindly replies)

5. Other editors – those who have gone before are often the best guides.

Learning new skills/In depth training.

1. Ripple Training.com – FCS based video tutorials. Lots of depth and creative techniques.

2. Lynda.com – A HUGE collection of point by point training for a pantheon of software, plus interviews with creative and business types. Give it a go, learn a lot.

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