NAB 2012 – Round Up of Round Ups

For all the NAB announcements, headlines, press releases and highlights check out these round ups on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, Resolve 9.0, new Thunderbolt devices, Lightworks and Smoke 2012.

The Best NAB Announcements

If you want a video run down of some of the big announcements check out the latest episode of MacBreak Weekly. has probably the most comprehensive run down of every announcement from hundreds of companies, large and small featured at NAB  2012.

CreativeCow Monday NAB Report | CreativeCow NAB Tuesday Report 

Oliver Peters has a very in-depth write up of his insightful thoughts from NAB 2012.

Walter Biscardi shares his thoughts on day one of NAB 2012.

Shane Ross of Little Frog in HD has an entertaining overview of his trip to NAB 2012

Blackmagic Design – Resolve 9 & Cinema Camera

The big talk of the show was Blackmagic Design showcasing not only a much flashier DaVinci Resolve but also a brand new camera (which comes with so much free software – DaVinci Resolve and Ultrascope) that you may as well buy the camera if you just want the software!


For more info on the camera and Resolve 9 visit the official BMD site. For more in depth reviews check these blog reviews.

John Brawley – BMD Cinema Camera | Phillip Bloom on BMD Cinema Camera

CreativeCow – Marco Solorio – BMD Cinema Camera as DSLR ‘Killer’

LiftGammaGain have a detailed list of all the new features and some nice big pictures. Furthermore Jigsaw 24 have a pretty poorly recorded demo of Resolve 9.0 from the conference floor.

Smoke 2013

Autodesk dropped the price of Smoke and gave it a timeline in a bid to make it the must have tool for editors who do a lot of ‘finishing’ work on their projects (3D motion graphics, colour grading, tracking etc etc). Lots of ‘buzz’ about it but definitely not an all in one post-package the way FCS3 was, more bringing your offline to your online. It ships in the autumn with a free beta trial in June.

Larry Jordan on Smoke 2013 | Studio Daily on Smoke 2013 | Autodesk Site


Last NAB Thunderbolt was the new must have interface. After a year of waiting for things to ship with it, this years NAB featured a lot more devices and peripherals actually using it.

Jigsaw24 has a comprehensive rundown of companies shipping Thunderbolt things. Highlights include BMD’s Cinema Camera, harddrives and monitors


As a mac user I’ve been waiting for Lightworks to move out of beta and finally get ported to the mac. It looks like I’ll have to keep waiting. The ‘full’ 64-bit version will finally be released on the 28th of May for Windows and then later for Linux. will be the new home of the software and according to Learnfinalcut blog a mac version is ‘hoped’ to be released by the end of the year. It’s still ‘open source’ and its still free!

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