Final Cut Pro X Vs Premiere Pro CS6

Which is better FCP X or Premiere Pro CS6?

In the run up to NAB (in a couple of days) Adobe are hitting the internet hard to get people excited about CS6, while Apple have quietly updated FCPX to 10.0.4 with a few minor bug fixes.

The more I wrestle with which program to jump to the more I remember that the only really important thing is shipping good story. How you get there is sort of irrelevant in the long run. Although I don’t want to be ‘left behind’…

Future Feature Updates to FCP X

UPDATE: Larry Jordan has announced that Apple have previewed some future features for FCPX including Red Camera Support, MXF Support, Dual Viewers (Apple’s new version of Source/Record monitors) and multi channel audio editing tools.

Apple have posted this article on their site describing how US TV show Leverage uses Final Cut Pro X to edit their primetime network program. Its interesting to note how many important parts of the workflow are covered by third party apps. Here is another article about, which has a fully FCPX workflow.

What’s new in Production Premium CS6?

Meanwhile Adobe have released a large selection of videos pointing out the new features and improvements in CS6. Be forewarned the dialogue is thick with buzz words and sales talk. Also its presented by a man who could really do with a haircut. Check them all out here. Studio Daily also have a detailed and useful run down of the main new features in CS6 and what they really mean for editors and After Effects users in practice.

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