Final Cut Pro X Update – 10.0.6

What’s in the new FCP X Update?

Phillip Hodgetts, as a developer, has the low down on all the new features and tweaks in the latest update of FCP X including:

– RED support, dual viewers, multi-channel audio support and being able to paste attributes from one clip to another (among other things).

Check out Phillip’s full write up here. 

Pro Video Coalition also have a very decent write up/review on their site from Adam Wilt.

Apple’s official update site is here. have some useful information on how best to go about installing the free update safely and downloading the new manuals. have also done some tests on render intensive effects sequences and found a huge increase in render speeds in 10.0.6 compared to 10.0.5

RED Plugin for FCPX

If you want to edit your RED footage in FCPX you’ll need to download the free plugin from

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