Working with C300 LOG Footage in FCP7 – Plus Free LUTS

Working with C300 LOG Footage in FCP7

The other day I had to work with some C300 LOG footage in FCP7 and needed to quickly apply a LUT that would show the client what it might actually look like in the final grade. For a simple free way of doing this just grab LUT Buddy from Red Giant Software and follow the tutorial below. You can also download several free Canon C300 LOG LUTS from the great people at AbleCine.

On-set Data Management with Canon C300

Adding Lut to C300 Log Footage in FCP7

For a step by step guide to working with the C300, you won’t find much better, or more detailed resource than this article on from the Canon official site. The article includes useful charts of data rates, camera menus and comparison of various Compact Flash card makers.

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