Free 120 page Final Cut Pro 7 editing ebook

Over 170 tips, tricks and techniques for FCP7

Digital Heaven (a UK company that also runs has just added Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets (formerly a £9.99 ebook) to their selection of freeware. Not only can you get their 7 other incredibly useful free plugins and widgets for FCP7 and X, you can now get Martin Baker’s great book packed full of time saving tips for free.

Whether you’ve just started editing and trying to get the hang of it all or been editing as a pro for decades I guarantee you will discover at least a dozen things (if not more!) you didn’t know before…

Free Video file storage space calculator

Also if you’ve not downloaded Digital Heaven’s free VideoSpace widget, then you really should. Its an incredibly useful tool for calculating how much storage space you’ll need for a particular amount of footage at specific frame rates and codecs. You can also use it online (again for free!) at

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