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I’m all about learning. I love learning. I don’t know anyone who will ever tell you to stop learning. When you stop learning, you get boring very quickly. Here are some links to get you inspired, educated and engaged with a bunch of new ideas…

White Paper for Preparing for FCP X – Post Magazine has a link to useful pdf from Silverado Systems helping you get set for FCP X.

Core Skills of VFX Handbook – Skillset have just released a pdf handbook on the core skills (and their courses to help you acquire them!) needed to break into the VFX industry.

40 Filmmaking Podcasts – has another great collection of filmmaking podcasts for you to pick and mix your way through.

7 Inspiring TED talks on Filmmaking – (well worth a browse) have a blog post on 7 talks from (which in itself should be your home page!) on filmmaking or given by filmmakers.

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