Dale Grahn – Colour Timing Over 200 Feature Films

Dale Grahn – Learn to Colour Time

Dale Grahn was Spielberg’s color timer (the pre-digital intermediate way to colour grade your film) with over 200 feature film credits listed on imdb.com, which makes him pretty much the don of colour timing.

So he’s a superb person to learn from and you can learn from him via his new colour timing ipad app, which he has created in partnership with Crumplepop. If you hurry you can probably still get the ‘launch offer’ price of $3.99 which is pretty much a bargain given that you get 20 video lessons from Dale inside the app. The app teaches you how to colour time your images (no 3 wheel colour correction here!) using the very same tools that Dale used to time hundreds of features over the years. Check out the official site for more info dalegrahncolor.com

Crumplepop have also been releasing this great 2 minute interview nuggets from Dale on their blog which are well worth a watch.

On Grading His First Feature

On Working at Pixar

On Creating the look for Saving Private Ryan

On Working on Gladiator

On Creating the look for The Ring

On Establishing Time of Day

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