How to run a post production studio

How to run an edit facility

Post Magazine has an interesting article interviewing different post production house bosses run their editing facilities with comments ranging from which software packages they rely on, to how to efficiently staff and run their work stations. Worth a read.

Creating a post production pipeline

Walter Biscardi started looking for FCP7 alternatives as soon as the Apple released FCPX. He’s been documenting his trials and tribulations of trying to find a replacement for FCP7 at his post facility in Georgia. In this interview with Studio Daily Walter reveals what he believes is a useful solution. (Essentially using a bit of everything!)

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  • Hello. I know this is a super old post (posted on my birthday, actually) but here in 2022 I have found myself leading post prod at a production co. We have a small team of about 8-9, in which about half of us are editors. We produce at least one TV show consistently(sometimes 2), lots of non profit stuff, random music videos, short and feature films and tons of other stuff. I’m looking for efficient ways/ideas to track and manage edits in progress, know whos working on what and when due dates are coming. Basic “post prod sup” stuff. While a good read, this wasn’t enough. Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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