The Making of A British Indie Movie – The Last Passenger

Making of The Last Passenger

It’s not often that a British indie film actually looks any good but low budget thriller The Last Passenger, from first time feature director Omid Nooshin, looks quite impressive for what it cost, only £1.5 million ($2.4 million).

I first heard about the film when I saw this article in the Evening Standard about how his £500 pitch trailer won the attention of financiers and allowed him to get the film off the ground. You can check it out for yourself below. (The official online trailer is at the top.)

Post production assistant Cristen Reading posted an insiders view of the film’s post production journey over on the Avid blogs site featuring a couple of pretty interesting behind the scenes EPK films covering the films editing and sound design.

One man VFX Team on The Last Passenger

From the vimeo description on the VFX compilation it sounds like VFX artist Tim Smit really had his work cut out for him:

2,100 man hours. 350 hours of render time. 45 comp layers per shot. 16 processing cores. 3 nights without sleep. 106 completed VFX shots. 1 VFX artist.

Production on The Last Passenger

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