Solving ‘General Error’ message in FCP7

How to fix ”General Error” message in FCP7

I had this ”General Error” message pop up in FCP7 the other day when my edit would no longer save (although thankfully I could save as a copy) and was also intermittently being a bit buggy (always sets off the paranoia feelings). Often the best thing to do in these situations is to trash your preferences (see below) but in this case the error is most likely related to a ‘bad’ clip or a ‘bad’ render.

So to dump all your renders in one go and hopefully fix the ”general error” either use the Render Manager or simply select all your clips in a timeline (CMD+A) and then toggle all the clips off and on again (CTRL+B). This will remove all the renders and flush the undo queue. It could also be due to a ‘bad clip’ and for this I’ll pass you on to Larry himself.

Thankfully Larry Jordan has some other good tips on this kind of stuff and you can read them in detail here…

When to (and not to) trash your preferences

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