Using Automator to prepare FCP timelines for Color

Preparing your FCP timeline for Color

When you are preparing a final cut pro timeline to be sent to color there are often a lot of effects or speed changes etc that need to be ‘baked in’ to the media before they will transfer correctly to Color. Here is a link to a great tutorial from on how to save time and maximise efficiency by using an automator workflow to speed up the baking process to successfully prep an fcp timeline ready for color.


  • Hi Jonny, does this still work and do you have any other automation scripts for Fcpx that you know of? I’ve stumbled upon one today that prompted my search, that one was for using function keys to switch angles in a multicam easily. Now I’ve found this one too which would be great if it’s still relevant to the later versions of fcp.

    • Hi Barry, best bet is to look into and see if that can help – as it has a ton of extensions for FCPX, although I’m not 100 sure if this particular idea will work through CommandPost… cheers

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