11 things to think about in 2011

Found this interesting site earlier this year and came back to look at this post again… stimulating stuff.

Attentionomics – Marketers begin to realize the value of attention and not just reach in driving conversion
Digital Curation – The plethora of content will give rise to digital curators who can separate art from junk
Developer Engagement – Marketers typically don’t try to court developers, but that’s all about to change
Transmedia Storytelling – If there’s one constant it’s that humans crave stories. Technology creates new expectations
Thought Leadership – Companies recognize they must activate credible individual expert voices who can create content
The Integration Economy – Social media efforts can no longer exist in fragmented, non-formal initiatives. They begin to integrate
Ubiquitous Social Computing – As competition heats up mobile devices, consumers closer to being socially connected anywhere
Location, Location, Facebook – If 2010 belonged to solely Foursquare, it’s likely that Facebook will rain on their parade in 2011
Social Media Schizophrenia – Social overload is no longer a problem for tech mavens, but a broader population
Google Strikes Back – Google proves that the best way to beat Facebook & Twitter is to do what they do best: index them to pieces
Viva La Social Web Site – Businesses realize that integrating social functionality into their existing web sites is what users now expect


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