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How to Break into Hollywood

Learn how to break into the Hollywood film and TV industry with these insider insights from the creators of Stranger Things.

The Best Film Soundtracks To Work To

The Best Film Soundtracks To Work To Film soundtracks are one of my favourite things to have on in the background when I’m working. That could be writing a blog post or issue of Cut/daily, when...

Inside The Edit – Pro Editor Course Review

If you want to learn to become a professional editor, Inside The Edit’s Pro Editor course is probably the best, fastest and most economical way to achieve that goal. Why? Film school is much slower...

The Walter Murch-opedia

The Walter Murch-opedia Film Editor Walter Murch is a legendary figure within the annals of film editing’s 130+ year history. I think Walter’s legendary status comes in part due to his...

How to Edit Your First Indie Feature

Learn how to edit your first indie feature film and discover how American Murderer was re-made in the edit suite with this detailed interview with director Matthew Gentile and Editor Matt Allen

The Best High End Stock Video Footage Sites

The Best High End Stock Video Footage Sites Compared There has never been a better time to make use of royalty-free stock video footage in your edit. This is because there are (finally!) some truly...

How To Be a VFX Editor

What does a VFX Editor do? How do you become one? What skills do you need? What tasks must you master? All these questions are answered!